Football Tables

New Camp Football Table

Soccer table with coin mechanism
• Body in multilayered poplar 24 mm., covered by plastic laminate, made up in two parts that can be opened by a double locker for an easy access to the inside elements
• Body’s upper part in extruded anodized aluminium alloy 6060, covering and protecting
the wooden structure from seepage and sun beam
• High safety standards: 18 mm double chromium plated telescopic rods (they don’t dangerously come out from the table) in steel
• Coin mechanism
• Playfield in tempered unbreakable 5 mm. glass
• Bushing made in special plastic: high smoothness degree guaranteed!
• Legs in anodised aluminium, squared section 90 x 90 mm.

We supply to: Pubs, Clubs, Bars, Members Club, Snooker Halls, Motorway Service Stations, Caravan Parks, Cinemas, Bowling Alleys, Betting Shops.